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Pittura ad olio su tenda acrilica.

La quarta vetrina: Libreria delle donne, Milano
a cura di Francesca Pasini

Museo d’Inverno, with seasonal programs, proposes to set up a series of exhibitions, inviting artists from different generations to choose and present the work of other artists from their own personal collections, curating the exhibitions and thus highlighting the relationships, friendships, collaborations and sometimes love stories that transpired at particular moments of their lives and artistic journeys. The result is an idiosyncraticsort of “Museum,” focused on the desire to explore as far as possible an unofficial, “secret” contemporary art history/story, in many case previously unknown.
The Museum, located above Fonte Nuova, one of the fourteenth-century fountains that once supplied water to the city, is supported by the Contrada della Lupa, one of Siena’s seventeen historic neighborhood organizations. The space is heated by a woodburning fireplace. The Museo d’Inverno project is conceived and directed by the artists Francesco Carone and Eugenia Vanni.   www.museodinverno.com

Artribune Magazine #23

Year V, n° 23, January-February 2015
Cover: Eugenia Vanni, Still life with bronze and onions detail, 2015
inside, interview by Daniele Perra in the Talents section pag. 76-77

Cover shows two onions. Eugenia Vanni talks about herself

Due cipolle in copertina. Eugenia Vanni si racconta

Aperto 2014 residency, permanent exhibit, Art on the border Valle Camonica.

Eugenia Vanni, Tableau Vivant,
Entrance of the Nadro Natural Park
Permanent work realized in collaboration with the chef Roberto Sbardellini. Inserts and fresco decorations: patterns from the egg brushing of Casoncelli.
Variable sizes;

Notebook: Tableau Vivant
Authors: Eugenia Vanni and Roberto Sbardellini
Year: 2014



NoWhere|FEAR Community|To be able to

Research and practice in art.

This book is based on a re-assessment of ideas used in the theses for their Master’s Degrees of three young artists graduating from the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti. It aims to offer a contribution in the debate regarding the various forms of artistic research and the connection between serious thought and experience in academic training.

The publication of this book, developed on initiative by NABA and curated by Elisabetta Galasso, provides an alternative view point of three research projects conducted during the two-year Master’s Degree in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies as well as offering a novel way of diffusing the traditional thesis.

For Eugenia Vanni, To be able to: artistic practices in the light of daily workmanship, credits to: Francesco Oliveto, Marco Petroni, Cesare Pietroiusti, Gabi Scardi

Published by NABA Milano, 2012

Authors: Anja Puntari, Valeria Muledda, Eugenia Vanni
Pages: 479
Format: 12×20 cm
Original language: Italian
Themes: Art
Graphics: Marcella Foschi
Distribution: Messaggerie Libri
ISBN 9788890689802


MARS: Trigger Party: Rudy Cremonini, Andrea Magnani, Eugenia Vanni, 2013

Painting by Rudy Cremonini. Contribution of strobe light by Eugenia Vanni
Oil on canvas, strobe light
Exhibited at: MARS, Milan
Photo by Andrea Magnani